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Who are we? was formed in 2012 when two ex-smokers and good friends (Ray & Seth) decided to spread their passion for electronic cigarette products in Malaysia. We might go international some day, who knows.


Why electronic cigarettes? 

We both use electronic cigarettes and successfully kicked the smoking habit after a long period of trying many different methods. Our health have improved over time and more importantly, we are ecstatic that we were still able to enjoy the 'sensations' reminiscent of actual smoking, despite stubbing the butt for good. It was a very big step for us both and we immediately knew that it was significant for us to provide this amazing invention to our home country Malaysia, where many millions are smokers. We want our friends, our families, the uncles & aunties, the 'pakcik' at the neighborhood rojak stall, to be part of this healthier movement.


Our philosophy? 

Simplicity, excellence and Value. We focus on what you (our customer) want: unparalled service, a user-friendly website, great products (with all the information you need) and competitive prices. Our aim is to provide the best shopping experience possible to every customer who visits our website.


How are we different?

First of all, our nitpicking nature led to us establishing an in-house 'taste/test process' - our very own stringent quality control which results in a narrowed-down selection of few of the best electronic cigarettes product available anywhere. If we don't like it, then we won't stock it, period. We then give you a hassle-free shopping experience: no fuss, hidden fees or annoying douchebags. Finally, we make the deal even sweeter with our low prices. 


Are we that good?

Well yes, afterall we do love what we do. If you're looking for electronic cigarettes in Malaysia and need the absolute best advice and products, you've come to the right place. And we are confident that you'll be back for more.