How to Build a Kayfun Lite or Kayfun 3.1 Coil

At The VB Team, we know there may come a time when vapers may seek to achieve the highest satisfaction from their daily vape. They may go to great lengths to seek improvements in the aspects of vapor production, flavor production and airflow in their atomizers, clearomizers or tanks. Vapers understand that when all the enhancements compound and come together in a well-built tank, a single puff from it can be all it takes to let them experience the pausing of time and be inspired by utmost gratification. And they aren’t too far from the truth with that idea!

The Kayfun Lite & Kayfun 3.1 by Svoe Mesto have been touted by many to be perhaps the best rebuildable atomizer ever made as of 2013. Please feel free to play one of their YouTube promotional videos below:

Why is it Considered to be the Best by So Many?

Designed in Russia and made in Germany, the Kayfun combines the ingenuity of engineering brilliance in design and the excellence of German manufacturing in producing a practical tank of impeccable quality. By engineering brilliance, we mean a design in which the airflow can hardly be further enhanced. We mean convenience with a 4.5ml tank capacity. We mean that the Kayfun is able to provide a very close vaping performance to drip tanks or rebuildable atomizers. In the electronic cigarette industry, drip tanks are famous for their flavor production and throat hit. By throat hit, we mean the sensation of “an apple growing in the throat” that closely imitates the sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette. And on the Kayfun, other than providing excellent throat hit – it also has excellent vapor delivery, enabling very smooth and satisfying draws. That is why its entrance into the vaping market has received such a huge welcome in Malaysia.

How to Recoil a Kayfun Lite or Kayfun 3.1

So – when you do own a Kayfun, how do you get started?

When it comes to recoiling, we believe visual learning helps the most. So we’ve prepared a playlist below that can guide you on the process of recoiling the Kayfun by:

  • Simple re-coiling using a 0.2mm kanthal wire (32AWG – American Wire Gauge) with standard silica wick
  • A nano micro-coil using a 0.32mm German kanthal wire (28AWG – American Wire Gauge) with cotton (highly recommended once you’ve mastered simple recoiling!)

Remember, recoiling is a skill and you would get better and better at it with practice and patience. Take it easy if you didn’t succeed in the first few times, just be sure to have spares ready so you can practice recoiling your tank until it works wonderfully. Every success will make you more adept at it and you’ll find yourself recoiling with greater speed and with much less effort overtime.

Let’s get started:

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The VB Team

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