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To give our customers the best, each of the brands we represent has to be qualified according to our organization’s standards – one of the absolute strictest in the industry. We look at individual categories of products, and determine whether they fulfill the requirements to ensure our customers value in their daily lives not just in the present, but also in the future as well.

We made sure to consider a complete overview of aspects that is involved in the use of electronic cigarettes i.e. fundamentals such as safety, quality, durability, price, manufacturing standards, human resource reputation and etc., and how elements such as design, comfort, performance and natural daily use of the products we represent can directly affect our customers’ lifestyles and social status. This process is executed with utmost respect to ensure lasting positive experiences for our customers.

Overtime, we will constantly be upgrading the list of products we represent to reflect the best, most reputable and reliable brands that are available in the world according to the times, and as per our organization’s stringent standards. Today, the brands we represent include:

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