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  • Starter Kits

    A perfect product to start with.

    The iCare is a compact e-cigarette starter kit with an internal tank and airflow system. It is simple to use with an automatic On/Off feature that initiates upon inhalation.

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  • E-liquid

    Select your most suitable flavor & taste.

    E-liquid is the fluid that is vaporized while using an electronic cigarette. It is what provides the nicotine solution and flavoring in an e-cigarette experience.

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  • iStick Pico - White Bronze


    Design. Precision. Consistency.

    The iStick Pico, just like its name, is preferable, innovative, compact and outstanding (PICO). Powered by single interchangeable 18650 cell.

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  • Tanks

    Experience the elegance.

    Tanks are where e-liquid is stored and are a primary part that contributes to the e-cigarette experience. There are many tanks on the market ranging from Clearomizers to Rebuildables, each offering something different.

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  • Parts


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    Comprehensive selections of the most instrumental e-cigarette parts and accessories available at Vapebrothers.

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