Human Resource Philosophy

Human Beings, Life

Human resource is a corporate term referring to an organization’s management of human beings. To understand human beings, we believe that it is ultimately important for us to begin by understanding life.

Different Beginnings, Equal Empowerment

While it could be unfortunate that we may have different beginnings – that we could be born in different countries with varying cultures, perspectives, upbringings, experiences, talents, fortune and/or financial backgrounds, we believe that every human being deserves to be empowered in loving themselves and others, and to be able to see and experience the colors of life from an ever-widening perspective of the world. We believe that every human being deserves to live life with meaning. When it comes to our executives, we believe that each of our employee deserves to be held responsible for upholding the highest standards of our organization themselves and to be respected in that manner, because all of us deserves to live and shine bright from within our ownselves.

Duty, Practice

We see work as a form of duty. A practice in the humble execution of responsibilities that life may task us with at any given time, so we may have the fortune to offer value to others at the expense of our efforts and toil. We were fortunate to find out that it is when we can think, work and toil ahead in diligence for others that we can begin to protect others from pain or suffering, or provide them with more warmth, peace of heart, comfort and happiness. Miraculously, we also found that any of our practice of giving in this manner would also reward us with the same genuine warmth, peace of heart, comfort and happiness as well.

Time, Space

We believe that every human being deserves to have enough time and space. What matters to our organization in regards to human resources is for our executives to be able to give their best every single day. To give their best to humbly learn and practice the right wisdom to grow in their character, their capabilities, that they may be able to offer greater value through their efforts and as a result return home after work with a full heart each day, because they know they have given their absolute best that day. We need time and space to grow in character, in career and in life, and it is alright for us to have them for as long as we are sincerely giving our best.

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