Four Guiding Principles

  1. Prioritizing the offering of value

    Our work has to the make the world a better place. We wish that our executives are able to understand that work has a close interconnectedness with self-fulfillment. Hence it is important that for every profit we earn, we earn it by making the lives of people positively better. We encourage our executives to grow as a human, as the growth in their character and thought will also be transferred to the people they serve.

  2. Organization and structure

    People come from a multitude of nationalities, races, cultures, religions, traditions and upbringings, contributing to a colorful variety of human perspectives. To ensure our organization’s success, empower our executives no matter their circumstances and ensure a global operation that inspires, it is necessary for our executives to deeply respect the organizational procedures and policies we have established.

  3. Empowering lives, widening perspectives

    We genuinely wish that we are able to provide a conducive environment for people to be empowered to live brighter lives, and experience the widening of perspectives themselves. Aside from a business, we also wish to be an organization that can enable people to see more of the colors of life, and give more meaning to people’s lives through our work.

  4. Growth to give more

    The success of our organization will also be rechanneled into different areas of social contribution, be it arts, technological advancements, health, environmental or cultural. We will continue to leverage our success to positively affect life. No matter which area, we will contribute to it with absolute respect.


Global Brands & Criteria

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The future of Vapebrothers

In our day-to-day operations, we aim to be a pillar of reliability.

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What is our mission?

To enable as many people as possible in the world to be empowered.

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