As an Organization:

“To enable as many people as possible in the world to be empowered in loving themselves and others, and to make possible a much brighter future for many more people through the work we do.”

Even though the core of our business is based in the electronic cigarette industry, our organization adopts a belief or culture that our work is more closely interconnected or relevant to life. We envision for the success of our organization to be rechanneled into different areas of social contribution, be it arts, technological advancements, health, environmental or cultural. So in every aspect of our work, we aim to be able to pay deep respect towards their nature, to execute them with humbleness, that we may learn, widen our perspectives or be fulfilled, and make life much better for more people.

In Our Daily Operations:

“To offer to our customers a vaping experience that is equal to if not far more satisfying than smoking.”


Global Brands & Criteria

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Four Guiding Principles

We are guided by four

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The future of Vapebrothers

In our day-to-day operations, we aim to be a pillar of reliability.

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