LIQUA – Cuban Cigar

Created not just for the aficionados, Cuban Cigar consists of premium cured Cuban tobacco, slightly sweet on the tongue with a slight distinct raw spiciness, followed by a slightly aromatic and woody-nutty note. This is a very smooth and well-balanced blend which will suit all users. The overall aroma is medium-bodied, slightly earthy and slightly leafy.

LIQUA – Menthol

LIQUA’s menthol blend is crisp, cool and refreshing. With its invigorating and clean flavors, this menthol mix strikes a perfect balance between its sweetness and strength, providing a truly pure menthol experience. The overall aroma is light, crisp and minty.

LIQUA – Watermelon

LIQUA’s Watermelon is a fusion of fresh, juicy watermelon and classic watermelon bubblegum: Fruity and fresh watermelon notes are complemented by a light hint of sweet watermelon candies. The mix is naturally well-balanced with the right level of sweetness and fruitiness, making it a refreshing and unmistakable summer flavor. The overall aroma is medium-bodied, fruity and contains prominent hints of watermelon.

LIQUA – Vanilla

Experience the full, rich flavor of natural French vanilla with LIQUA’s Vanilla. Natural French vanilla notes are prominent throughout, accompanied by a light touch of soft cream to round off this aromatic blend. The overall aroma is medium-bodied, slightly creamy and contains prominent hints of vanilla.

LIQUA – Coffee

LIQUA’s coffee takes you over with a deliciously powerful roasted Italian coffee blend, accompanied by hints of caramel, toasted nuts and soft, milky cream. The dark and robust coffee notes in this flavor are unmistakable and suitably aromatic, while the creamy caramel and nutty undertones is finished off with a latte cream. The overall aroma is robust, slightly sweet and slightly creamy.

LIQUA – Berry Mix

LIQUA’s Berry Mix is a carefully-crafted plethora of mixed fruit flavors: Fresh plump strawberries, juicy cherries, sweet yet tart grapes, and tangy citrus. The flavor brings forth a sweet and rich mixed fruit profile, followed by slight berry tartness and tang. The overall aroma is sweet, fruity and slightly tangy.

LIQUA – Apple

As the name suggest, Apple is LIQUA’s rendition of a classic and ever-popular flavor: A sweet, juicy, crisp mix of both red and green apples. The resulting flavor is sweet, unmistakably crisp and contains prominent apple notes. The overall aroma is sweet, fruity and contains a mixed hint of fresh and candy apples.

LIQUA – Traditional Tobacco

The traditional cured tobacco notes in Traditional Tobacco is clean, distinctive and earthy. By adding a touch of sandalwood (a class of fragrant woods from the genus Santalum), LIQUA has created a flavor which closely resembles a traditional cigarette. Slightly sweet, unmistakably woody and earthy, followed by a very smooth and slightly smoky finish. The overall aroma is subtle, slightly earthy and slightly leafy.

LIQUA – American Blend

American Blend is LIQUA’s take on a classic tobacco blend: Mild, slightly sweet Virginian tobacco mixed with hints of nutty Burley. The flavor is very smooth and easy on the palate, with a distinct aroma reminding the user of freshly cured tobacco leaves. The slight sweetness at the finish complements the flavor notes and rounds it off in perfection. The overall aroma is light, slightly leafy and slightly earthy.

LIQUA – Turkish Tobacco

LIQUA has created something special for the true fans of oriental tobacco: Turkish Tobacco is an authentic oriental tobacco blend packed full with flavor and depth. A warm, natural honey sweetness and a robust yet slightly spicy oriental aroma is followed by a dark and slightly smoky aftertaste. The finish is smooth and very slightly sweet. The overall aroma is earthy, slightly aromatic and slightly smoky.